Elder Scroll: Oblivion easter-eggs, hidden items, bugs & fixes

What you'll find on this page is information about some of 'bugs' and problems found in Oblivion that can be taken advantage of as a 'cheat'. Keep in mind that these may not work or may have been fixed if any of the updates, patches or additional content for Oblivion's has been installed.

Shum gro-Yarug - Skingrad house bug/fix ^

There's a bug in Skingrad that doesn't appear to happen until you've progressed some way into the game. If you want to buy the house in Skingrad you'll need to talk to the Orc 'Shum gro-Yarug' who usually hangs out in the Counts Castle. Now if you talk to him on your first visit to Skingrad and buy the house there and then, you shouldn't have any problems. However, if you say "no thanks" and don't come back to Skingrad for some time, on your return you may find that he's either nowhere to be found - the green marker will pin point his supposed position, but when you find it there's nothing to be found, or that he's dead - usually from apparently jumping from the Castles bridge.

The former is a bug and the latter is just happenstance (circumstances beyond our control) due to the way the AI works. In either case, if you want to 'fix' or spawn Shum gro-Yarug back into the game type the following command at the console and he'll spawn directly in front of you;

  • player.placeatme 00028FB6

You should then be able to continue the house 'quest'.

Suicide Troll ^

Floating in the water directly under the bridge over the Silverfish river (or Panther River). Read the note once you've looted the body; trolls have feelings you know!

The hidden faces of the Frost Atronach ^

The hidden faces of the Frost Atronach

The hidden faces of the Frost Atronach

Did Morrowind's Frost Atronach have this? Once you've killed one of these beasts take a look at his feet which reveals the ghostly spectral impression of his victims faces embedded into his the souls of his feet!

Dorian money cheat ^

It looks like this 'cheat' is going to be fixed with Oblivion's 1.1 update patch so get in there whilst you can!

Enter house the house. Bribe or persuade the NPC to increase his disposition as high as it will go; if you have the money bribe the character to 100%.

Go upstairs and enter upper room, there's a door on the other side of this that leads to his bedroom, this door needs to be opened and then left open.

Go back downstairs, attack but do not kill Dorian; this is basically to initialise the character to attack and then follow you where ever you go. Once this happens, run upstairs, he should follow, all the way into the room whose door you previously left opened.

When Dorian enters, close the door and stand with you r back to it blocking his exit from the room. Block a few of his attacks and then kill him. When you loot the body you should find that you can keep repeatedly take his gold ad infinitum.