Locations for Skill Trainers in Oblivion

Just as with Morrowind the locations of the various skill and attribute trainers for Oblivion so you can 'level up' your character by purchasing skills, are equally difficult to find. To make it easier as you play through the game, listed below are the currently known locations for Skills Trainers in Oblivion. Note that you cannot get training from anyone below your current level of skill in a given discipline so although you may be able to find a trainer, not all of them will be able to train you in a skill unless you're at the appropriate level they start training from.

It's not a full list as of yet so should be regarded as a work in progress which will amended as and when the locations for skill trainers become available. If you find one not on the list please send it in to be added.

Notes : Items marked with '*' are usually members only, you only have access to their training services once you've joined the guild.

Items marked '**' denotes skill trainers that you may come across outside a city walls; in some instances they won't train you on a skill unless you're inside the city walls - usually because they have a place of residence there which forms their base of operations.


  • Abhuki, Journeyman - Faregyl Inn, Green Road


  • Ardaline, Journeyman - Mages Guild*, Bravil


  • Rohannson, Journeyman - 'A Fighters Chance', Market District, Imperial City

  • Eitar, Apprentice - 'The Dividing Line,' Leyawiin, West Gate


  • Uuras the Shepherd, Apprentice - 'City Limits**', Skingrad

  • Honditar, Journeyman - 'City Limits**', Chorrol

  • Rusia Bradus, (expert?) - (city limits?), Anvil


  • Else God-Hater (?)


  • Ambroise Canne, Journeyman - 'City Limits**', Skingrad

  • Fadus Calidus, (journeyman?) - 'Fighters Guild*', Skingrad


  • Christophe Marane, Journeyman - Brina Cross Inn, Anvil


  • Sulinus Vassinus, Apprentice - 'Mages Guild*', Skingrad

  • Fathis Aren, Apprentice - Mages Guild*, Bravil (or Castle Bravil)


  • Delphine Jend, Journeyman - Mages Guild*, Bravil


  • Vigga the Cautious, (journeyman?) - Calindil 'Mages Guild*'(?)

Heavy Armor

  • Varnado, Journeyman - 'The Best Defence', Market District, Imperial City

Light Armor

  • Dul gro-Shug, Apprentice - 'City Limits**', Elven Gardens District, Imperial City


  • Shameer, Apprentice - 'Tamika Vineyards**', Skingrad

  • Reeman Broder, Advanced - 'Surilies Vineyard**', Skingrad

  • Pinarus Inventius, Journeyman - Anvil

  • Alawen, Master - Troll Candle Camp, Anvil (Note : do not visit unless in the possession of an Elven Bow. If you make contact and then go to get the bow on returning you'll find her dead).


  • Foroch, Apprentice - 'Gottshaw Inn', (near) Kvatch


  • Druja, Apprentice - 'Mages Guild'*, Skingrad


  • Marie Palielle, Apprentice - 'Chapel of Julianos', Skingrad


  • Samuel Bantien, Apprentice - 'Green Emperor Way', Imperial City

  • Mandil, Journeyman - Imperial City (walking lakeside?)


  • Marana Rian, Master - Temple District, Imperial City
    (note : training won't be an option until reaching 'expert' rank)

Currently Unknown Trainers

  • Ida Vlinorman, Elven Gardens

  • Othrelos, Elven Gardens

  • Aredil, Talos Plaza District, Imperial City

  • Dovyn Aren

Weapons repairs

  • Viator Accuius, 'Stonewall Shields' - Market District, Imperial City

  • Urbul gro-Orkulg, 'Slash 'N Stash' - Market District, Imperial City

  • Varnado, 'The Best Defence' - Market District, Imperial City

  • Maro Rufus, 'The Best Defence' - Market District, Imperial City

  • Rohannson, 'A Fighters Chance' - Market District, Imperial City