Kats Klorr! - katq4dm3

Kats Klorr

The following download is a custom multi-player level (map) for Quake 4

Quake 4 MP map details

  • author - Ken 'kat' Beyer

  • rel' date - Feb 07

  • name - Kats Klorr

  • pk4 file - map-katq4dm3.pk4

  • game - FFA, Tourney

  • bots - *see info below

  • info - Multi Player map using NEW custom textures, sounds and models. Gameplay for both FFA (Free For All) and Tourney (Tournament) play. Set in a 'cave' system with a main atrium and several adjoining sub rooms.

    *note : The map has been BotClipped and prepared for use with Bots, although currently only available via 3rd party Quake 4 custom bot mods, SABot for example. Unfortunately no guarantee can be given with regards to playability using 3rd party Bots because of the implementation differences that may occur within each Bot 'mod'.

  • weapons - RL, PG, SG, NG, MG (default)

Download Locations

Listed below are various download locations where the file is available, please note that some file mirrors may require sign up before download is available. Compatible with Quake 4 post 1.2 update.


[total size c.29.00 MB]

Power Ups

Power Ups

Back Passage

Back Passage

Main Atrium

Main Atrium

Side Room

Side Room

Blender source files ^

Blender source file to come shortly.